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ties".Adding to the two smart▓phones, Xiaomi's ecosystem IoT and lifestyle ▓products also made their debut in France with Mi Electric Scooter that has award-winning design▓.With a single charge, users can travel 30 km▓ and can use their phone as a dashboard by connecting to an

application.Xiaomi's value is about US$100 billion, making it one of the largest technology firms in China. In 2017, Xiaomi's revenue was 114.62 billion yuan (US$18.33 billion), up 67.5 percent from 2016.P▓lease scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR

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Code to follow us on WechatU.S. telemedicine taps Chinese marketU.S. telemedicine taps Chinese

marketU.S. telemedicine taps Chinese market05-21-2018 16:55 B▓JTHOUSTON -- In the past, seeing a physician ▓and getting medical treatment could mean taking the day off ▓work or traveling long di

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stances to the doctor▓'s office.But in today's technology driven world, connecting a healthcare

professional is just a click away as more medical practitioners embrace tel▓emedicine to bridge geographical divisions."Te▓lemedicine saves patients the time of travelling long distances if t

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hey're not going to ▓be candidates for treatment," said Dr. Anthony Lucci, a surgeon at T

he University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.Physicians and companies are taking the advantage of telemedicine to reach more patients around the world, particularly in China. U.S.

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